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Chaomatic Workshops

1 Day Sales Sprint Bootcamp

Learn how to accelerate and maximize your revenue growth using the Sales Sprint methodology
  • - How to change your sales strategy and sales setup to have immediate impact on your revenue acquisition
  • - How to grow your pipeline dramatically by rebalancing your sales machine to a pro-active outbound approach.
  • - How Sales has changed and what tactics you need to apply to sell more & faster
  • Why Focus, production & speed are key to improve your sales machine
  • - How to leverage the Sales Sprint methodology to accelerate your inbound & outbound sales strategy and have impact within 6 weeks.
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Other Workshops

  • Chaomatic organises on regular basis workshops on several topics:

1. Sales Pitching with Impact

Close more deals by changing the way you present

2. Sales Sprints Methodology

Learn how exponentially grow your revenue within 6 weeks

3. Thought leadership to increase your revenue

How to leverage though leadership for maximing conversion

4. The VP of Sales

How to maximize your sales machine
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