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Sales strategy basics

Sales Strategy Basics

As a startup you are still trying to find your ideal customer profile. Saying NO to other potential clients is really hard so you end up doing projects that will not bring you scale. But you're not alone in this quest. After helping over 200 startups these are the 2 most asked sales questions:

1. Pricing Strategy : is my price right ? Can I ask more ?

2. Sales Strategy: which sales setup do I need to win?


Setting Up For Scale & Acceleration

Once you get going you'll realise that in order to gain scale you need FOCUS and measurement to track your progress. you will need to add clear goals, setup actionable metrics that make sense and start running. Most startups we talk to are in need for perspective: how do you build a forecast, how much do you pay in commission, how many sales visits per week do you need to grow, how do I fix closing issues,...

Chaomatic can coach your startup or join on of the many sales strategy sessions we organise.