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How can you leverage the buying journey of your customers

Sunday, November 19
by Michael Humblet

How can you leverage the buying journey of your customers

What is a buying journey and how can you sell more with it?

Before a person makes a buying decision they go through a process. This process is often referred to as the buying journey. It consists out of several phases.


1. Awareness phase

Let me give you an example that I experienced myself.  At my company (Chaomatic) I am using an Outlook agenda to keep all things business. I also share an agenda with my family to add all things family. But hang on...they're not synchronised. You can already guess what happened. One day I forgot to show up as I needed to buy a house at the notary while I had planned something else. That evening (after 10 angry calls) I got very AWARE that I needed to fix this problem. What did I do? Like all other people do: I either turned to friends or to for the answer. 

So I am aware of a problem that I need to fix in order to get a solution.

2. Education phase

During my search for the ultimate synchronisation tool I spent time reading on Google, asking friends or checking out the 2nd largest search engine which is called youtube. At a certain moment there is a tool that I like and I will try it. So I move to the next phase

3. Selection phase

I selected a tool and I am trying it. Now the process I just described could be categorised as a rather standard sales cycle. But what if I don't like the tool I just tried? 

I will go back to the education phase and start going through the education proces again. I will ask some friends, try several other tools and eventually I select one and move to the roll-out or implementation phase of the buying journey.

4. Implementation

I will take the tool I selected and roll it out across al my devices and I will use it daily. Not only that if it is a tool that is making a proper impact I will tell my friends thus becoming an important asset for new potential sales.

What has fundamentally changed over the last years in this process?

There is a big dividing line between the EDUCATION and the SELECTION phase. If you are in the Education phase you should NEVER, EVER Sell. And that is what most companies or sales do wrong. They will push too soon and the only effect they become is that your potential customer will go away. Think of you walking into a shop and they walk up to you immediately to ask you if they can help you...This is just too early, too soon, you're just looking around.

Once you cross the line over to the selection phase you should sell. How do you know this? Well customers will give you buying signals like: how much does this cost,....?

So what do you need to do now? 

Focus on the educational part where you will create tons of content to educate your potential customers on how your tool could help them. Start by explaining the problem and only at the end how you could solve it for them. Thought leadership also works really well in this phase as this will have its effect at the end. You need to answer 3 questions in all your material:

1) WHY do I need this?

2) Why do I need it NOW?

3) Why will I buy it from YOU?

Point number 3 comes at the end of the process and if you have done a good job during the educational part of the sales process this will be obvious as you have build the right credibility & authority so it's obvious it should be you. 


Use the power of Authority & Credibility upfront to speed up your closing cycles.

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Text edited by Karolien Selhorst. Find her website at or check out her profile on LinkedIn