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How to sell on LinkedIn?

Wednesday, December 27
by Michael Humblet

How to sell on LinkedIn?

How to sell on LinkedIn?

If you think LinkedIn is just for recruiters and show-offs, think again. Gilles from Salesflare explains how to be magnetic in the world's biggest ocean of B2B leads. All it takes? Start being real and share your story.

Gilles is head of growth for Salesflare. Salesflare is an intelligent CRM that thinks and works for its user instead of the other way around. I had a very interesting talk with him during the sales acceleration show recording.

Gilles: “LinkedIn is very big right now, which may seem odd to some people. Three months ago I wrote an article called ‘Why Facebook will kill LinkedIn”, and the reasoning was that everyone is on LinkedIn and shares links and news. But suddenly something changed: people stopped shouting ‘me, me, me’ and they started telling real stories about themselves. They made business personal; they showed their audience what was happening behind the curtains of their companies and this is what really resonates with people; this is what people connect over. 

People Always connect with people in the same way.

What people do not understand is that people always connect with each other in the same way. It does not matter whether it is on Facebook, on LinkedIn, or in real life. Let me give you an example: if you post a picture of a nude girl on LinkedIn people will ask themselves: “Why is this on LinkedIn? This should be on Facebook;” But you know what will happen? The post will blow up because there is so much engagement.” 

Michael: “So how did you get so many views with your article on LinkedIn?” 

Gilles: “I started writing on LinkedIn two months ago, and I started writing real stories. Things that are really inspiring to people, and that I thought would be interesting to share with people. And do you know what happened?  I got tons of likes on it! Every day I got job offers, partnerships offers, and I grew my network from 1000 people to 6000 people in two months, and it’s all inbound connection requests.” 

Michael: “Gilles, how do you mingle your job with Salesflare with your personal brand?” 

People buy from people they trust.

Gilles: “You have to realize that people buy from people. People will buy from you if they know and trust you. When I started posting real stories, I got a lot of attention. People liked me and started trusting me because I was showing my face. I was no longer a corporate logo. They checked me out and I optimized my LinkedIn profile to showcase Salesflare as well. And do you know what people said?  “I like this guy, he seems to know what he is doing.” At the same time they saw the link to Salesflare in my profile – there is a nice little video –, they checked it out and thought our product is pretty ok too. 

Another piece of advice. Wherever you create on the internet, treat everything as a landing page. Optimize it for people to like you, for people to want to connect with you and to want to follow you. There the growth factor comes in. Establish yourself as a giver. As someone who wants to help people and not as a marketer or a salesperson., but as a real human being you can talk to.”

Michael: “A very pragmatic question now: you write, and at the end of your article you always ask for reactions. I have seen a lot of people doing that, and sometimes it works, other times it doesn't."

Gilles: “I don’t like what a lot of people do. It’s too obvious. What also works pretty well with the LinkedIn algorithm is tagging a lot of other people. But what happens then? I get tagged every week by people in posts that are totally not relevant to me. So my advice is: don’t chase numbers, chase people. If I don’t tag many people in my posts, I will not get a lot of reach, but I think it is way more valuable if you put value to people and to not get reach from it. The engagement you get from your posts will be way more valuable!“

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Text edited by Karolien Selhorst. Find her website at or check out her profile on LinkedIn