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How to build high performing growth teams?

Sunday, January 21
by Michael Humblet

How to build high performing growth teams?

How to build high performing growth teams?

Adobe Spark has proven over the years that their ICE methodology (Impact, Confidence & Ease) works. I had an interesting talk with Thibault Imbert, head of GROWTH for Adobe Spark to discuss his vision and how he implements it. Welcome to the Sales Acceleration show recorded at the growth evolution offices together with Thibault Imbert Head of growth at Adobe Spark!


TIP 1: EMPATHY towards your customers is key. At the end of the day what really matters is that you as a person when you build your landing page or whatever, understand the psychology of the user. Do you feel empathy towards the problem of the customer?  Have you used the product that you sell?  Let me give you an example. You undoubtedly have been in meetings with people who have never used their own products. How can you come up with a story when you have no clue what you are talking about? So walk the talk. Another example. On the side, I am working on an app that tracks blood levels. Since I am a diabetic myself I can well understand the psychology of the user, because I am one of them. Thus be relevant, talk about your customer. People only care about their problems

TIP 2: VELOCITY. Small experiments are worth more than big ideas. Be down to earth, be connected to reality. Speak the language that real people speak and stop talking about big plans. When our teams come up with big ideas we try to follow the prioritizing icing method or the ICE score: impact, confidence, ease. Basically, that allows us to say: is the idea impactful, do we think it’s going to work and is it easy to implement? And based on those questions it gives you a score so that you can focus on the things that are simple to execute and have the biggest impact. So if it’s going to take us six weeks to run an experiment that has zero impact on the revenue, we should move to something else. 

TIP 3: Work together with TEAMS that consist of people that are driven by RESULTS, not by technology.  We have had people that are very passionate about growth but are driven by building the stack. But what is really important is that you should first focus on the end result and the sales stack is a means to an end. And don’t try to be too geeky on the details in the stack. 

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